Custard Heaven

VC Elixers

Picked up some Wizard Labs ADV elixirs to experiment with. I have been using the Capella V2 in my AeroCustard (Grants VC clone) for a while and want to try some others to compare. The FA VC II is supposed to be the bomb. Excited!

Vapemail Today…

The Reload S RTA has arrived today and is working well! After months of waiting, the S RTA finally came back into stock. I would call it a second batch even though no mention from the company that anything has changed.

The RTA has the same basic configuration as the beloved RDA except that it is enclosed in a tank. Perfect for a RDL or DL draw and the fit and finish is exceptional for an Asian made product. I think Reload has chosen to make sure quality is of utmost concern while lowering cost of manufacturing. Not a fan of a gold plated deck but the plating seems to be very high quality. Only time will tell if it holds up.

You get two sized glass tanks with extension, a drip tip and the well made screwdriver.

I prefer the smaller tank as I like to change flavors quite a bit and this makes it easy. The deck comes off easy after un screwing the bottom ring and is super easy to build on. I installed a whopping big 4mm SS alien coil and the flavor is amazing.

I am a fan of small single coil tanks and this fits the bill perfectly. You can find one here :

VapeMail Today…

Sorry y’all, I have been absent since December but things are going well and I have a brief hand check for today. Will start blogging again and have a lot of activity to blog about. This weeks haul is a one of the last available Odin Mini’s in the USA by Sam the Vaping Bogan and a version 1 Abyss called the Classical as well as the version 3 Abyss called the Nato from Suicide Mods UK and Vaperz Cloud. More to come, stay tuned.

New 316L Stainless Steel Coils From Advanced Vape Supply!

I have not messed around with fancy coils much. Mostly have used TEMco AWG 316L stainless steel round and 316L stainless steel fused clapton and round wire from AVS. The great sale going on at AVS has prompted me to purchase some affordable fancy wire. The aliens still only comes as pre made coils, are still expensive and I have yet to try them. Stainless steel to me is the best bang for the buck not only because it provides great flavor, lasts long and you can also use it for temp control. I really don’t use Nichrome 80 or Kanthal anymore. Here is what I purchased to try today.

Hex-Core (10) Fused
Framed Staple
Oct-Core (8) Fused

On with the show.