VM 18 On The Way

VM 18

Acquired one of the last of the Vaporesso VM tanks available to me via Element Vape is on the way. Even Vaporesso itself was sold out. This tank uses the venerable EUC ceramic coils which are arguably one of the best pre-made sub-ohm coils out there for flavor and longevity. The decision was made because of the current cost, availability and selection of simple bridges for Boro style tanks. We will see how this goes. More later.

Pixi and Crown 3 Mesh On The Way..

Introduced in 2018, it looks like the last of the Pixi rda’s from Vapefly are selling out here in the USA but are still available in China so I got one after seeing Athanasios Sclavos’s post in the Box Mod Mafia’s FB group page and watching a few reviews I forgot about. More info here: http://www.vapefly.net/vapefly-pixie-rda/ I picked up the last gun metal one here: https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/pixie-22mm-rda-by-vapefly.html $19.

On another note, Uwell sent me an email and have finally released a mesh coil for the Crown V3 sub-ohm tank. I picked up a pack of 4 for $18 directly from their store. No where on the site do they mention the material they are using for the mesh. Hopefully its made from stainless steel. https://mall.myuwell.com/collections/coils/products/crown-iii-replacement-coils. All the new tanks they produce come with mesh coils now.

It’s great to see they are still supporting their older products with new materials and not forcing their customers to buy newer devices to get newer materials. Uwell was one of the first companies to offer stainless steel round wire coils for sub-ohm tanks for better flavor and temp control abilities instead of just kanthal.

vapefly pixi rda

In yesterday, very nice little flavor banger. I like the fully open AFC. Metal is thin but holds up well. Squonks well and very easy to build. A winner for $20.

crown mesh coil for Crown 3crown 3 tank

In yesterday, mesh coils are made of FeCrAl or Kanthal. Great flavor and vapor production but sorry, no temp control.

I am waiting patiently for the end of the month for the release of the OFRF mesh tank. The GEAR is one of my favorite RDTA’s and is one of the better made devices out there made in China and now they have a second device to try besides their individual mesh coils.

https://www.ofrf.com/nexmesh-sub-ohm-tanknexmesh sub-ohm tanks.jpg

Aspire To Be…

I forgot how good the Cleito 120 was… my Cleito 22’s coil was starting to spit no matter how I tried, I could not get it to stop, raising or lowering the voltage. This only meant that the cotton was just not touching the coil anymore, somewhere. So I took out my trusty 120 and inserted a new coil. Voila! Lot’s of great flavor and tons of vapor. All good once again.