Drop Solo RDA in today!

37775483_1900761923314752_6063350566082314240_o.jpgdrop.solo.jpgReally smooth adjustable airflow and lots of room for coil configurations including single, dual and vertical. A PMMA plastic cap (stays a lot cooler than metal) and beauty ring are also included (with no AF control) and it has just about perfect slightly restricted MTL pull, so good. Squonk pin also included with xtra flat and allen post screws. A great value ($32) and good flavor for a standard height 22mm atty. I purchased mine at #Eccigity in HI as they are almost always first to get stuff from Asia as they are closer than we are. Pictured here is the PMMA cap atop the Pulse BF Box Mod by Vandy Vape. The two coils you get are ohm’ing in at 0.34, so just about right.

More info here :

Innokin Proton Kit

Black one on the way next week… pretty much all good reviews on this unit. I like the new firmware look. To make a comparison, The YiHi SX-Mini G-Class has all these features and more but costs $200+ and is a lot more complicated to use with a smaller screen too. Interested in trying the new mesh style “plexis” coil in the sub tank. I purchased mine and a 3pk of coils here:

Vicious Ant Classic

Pulled this into rotation yesterday. 15/18mm 316L SS Vicious Ant Cyclone AFC with Fusion Drip Tip, 2.5mm SS single round .48Ω coil 35 Joules set at 290 Celsius. This atty was originally designed for wrapping silica rope. I so totally forgot this also has a single slot MTL setting, what a surprise! Perfect flavor and heat setting. Circa 2013. One of the best at the time. https://youtu.be/W8nJAIO6jk8

Cyclone AFC.jpegcyclone head.jpeg


The Hohmtech Home Slice’s paint was starting to peel in certain areas after some use. I decided to create a patina and give it some soul. So far I am happy with the results. My red one is still holding up well so going to wait. Sad to say this 100 Watt unit is now discontinued, so I am glad to have two of them to use 🙂