Comment I Like From A YouTube Review Of The BOAZ RDA

“I like the look of this – everything that an RDA should be (simple / practical / functional) and perfect for anybody venturing into building for the first time. Refreshing to see a vape product with a positive name. Sick to death of all the nods to the dark side, as if all vapers think that demonic glorification is cool. Well done – I’ll put it on my New Year wishlist.”DSC_0071_2048x.jpg

DotMod Petri V2 Squonk Kit Install

As a preface to the video, the Petri is one of the best all around rda’s ever produced IMHO. Its well made, engineered for flavor and originally had no AFC which means they carefully thought out size and positioning if the air holes and tightness of draw of a single hole on each side of the cap. The press fit drip tip is still the best tip to use with this rda for draw and flavor. I have tried other drip tips but none compare to the stock drip tip the way its designed. The cloud cap came along afterwards only by demand of people interested in cloud blowing and competitive cloud blowing events at the time vs. flavor. As time passed, the demand for 24mm rda’s came about and so DotMod came out with a conversion cap for that purpose that includes AFC as well.

Before the $5 Squonk Kit came out recently, I thought there was really no need for the small hex tool that came with the rda and hence I never used it and never could figure out why it was included because it did not fit anything visible on/in the RDA. After I watched the French video on how to replace the French conversion kit a light bulb went on, even though the guy did not even use the included allen key. I did not remember that the rda did come with a tool until after making the video. I dug in my archive of empty boxes of vape hardware to find the tool, tore down my build to try it and NO it does not fit the hex screw that holds down the negative post, it’s too small. I just don’t know why they included the tool when it does not fit. Anyway, you will have to find your own H1.3 hex bit driver or allen wrench to remove the negative post screw as stated in the video.

Links I promised: The product:…

The French install video for the $20 French Kit by Alliance Vapor:

The tool kit I used: (I have the older 54 piece kit)…

The meaning of Noir…

As per Wikipedia and others, the meaning of Noir takes on several languages and definitions.
Pronounced NoAre – Noir is the French word for Black.
“Crime fiction featuring hard-boiled cynical characters and bleak sleazy settings an example of classic noir.”
“Film genre characteristic of the years between with 20’s and late 40’s. Dark, gritty crime fiction: usually a heist, murder, or other such crime. We’re talking Tommy Guns, Private Detectives, and women you could still call broads. Classic examples include The Maltese Falcon and Chinatown: modern examples include The Usual Suspects. Heavily influenced the Cyberpunk sub-genre.”