No Matter Which One You Choose, It’s All Good…?

These just in today from Craving and they do sound good 😉 I will update this after some time tasting them. Not sure who is the chef of these Good eLiquids but maybe Kenny can fill us in as to the history of this stuff and things. Looks like a new(er) Akema label as well!

As described by the manufacturer:

Good: Rich, golden cake swirled with vanilla creme, topped with crumbly cinnamon streusel and powered sugar.

Good(er): Think creamy french vanilla ice cream, with fresh spearmint chips.

Good(est): Notes of cookie crumble, strawberry shortcake, rich creme, and crystalized sugar.



Down the Tobacco Trail Today…

Order in from Charlie Noble today and Cuttwood last week. Really happy with this haul!
  • Professor Plume: Tobacco, Cream and Butterscotch!
  • Tripoli: Tobacco, Fig and Almonds.
  • Charlie’s Custard: A rich and balanced Vanilla Custard with a baked crust. Just about perfect.
  • RY4 Pistachio: Pistachio, Vanilla, Caramel and Tobacco.
  • Tobacco Trail: Typical delicious Cuttwood base with sweet Tobacco notes.
All of these flavors are well balanced and not too sweet. Tobacco Trail is the sweetest of the bunch. The smooth Tobacco notes in all of them are not bitter.
All of these could easily be ADV vapes for me.
If you like these type of vapes as we do, I also recommend trying the PlumeRoom as they also have even more complex Tobacco vape blends to sample from. 
Kudos to Wally Sparks for letting me know about the RY4 Pistachio, it is quite good.
Cutwood’s Tobacco Trail
Charlie Noble Tobacco Blends Haul

Drop Solo RDA in today!

37775483_1900761923314752_6063350566082314240_o.jpgdrop.solo.jpgReally smooth adjustable airflow and lots of room for coil configurations including single, dual and vertical. A PMMA plastic cap (stays a lot cooler than metal) and beauty ring are also included (with no AF control) and it has just about perfect slightly restricted MTL pull, so good. Squonk pin also included with xtra flat and allen post screws. A great value ($32) and good flavor for a standard height 22mm atty. I purchased mine at #Eccigity in HI as they are almost always first to get stuff from Asia as they are closer than we are. Pictured here is the PMMA cap atop the Pulse BF Box Mod by Vandy Vape. The two coils you get are ohm’ing in at 0.34, so just about right.

More info here :