New Packaging – Same Old Goodness…

Quite a surprise in today’s vape mail. New packaging and new gorilla bottles! These are about the only flavors I will buy in 120’s these days as they are my ADV’s. Nothing comes close to these flavors of hazelnut caramel cream and tobacco. If you are as old of a vaper as I am, you will appreciate the hazelnut smooth tobacconess of this 555 without the wet socks weird Dekang/Ruyan flavoring of the past. Northland Vapor Company, hailing from Moorhead Minnesota, boasts no artificial sweeteners and no Diketones added. This makes for a really clean vape with very little or no gunked up coils. You can vape them individually or even blend them together to give yourself a unique flavor combination. I usually wait for the $9.99 each deal given out quite a lot or pay the retail price of $14.99 each. Not bad for 120’s 🙂
Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed here.

northland boxes
New Northland Vapor Company Packaging

Nuts & Cream and 555 Bottles
Nuts & Cream and 555

Wotofo Designer Coils ? !



Attention folks, Asia, specifically Wotofo, is making perfect (well almost 🙂 ) designer coils! Someone at Wotofo has listened to someone who knows something about vaping coils.
For the first time, in my vaping history anyway, for less than $1 per coil, I can get really nicely made and very clean designer coils in a packs of 10 each. Yes I know Asia has produced separate coils in various configurations, but they usually are much less complicated or the wrong diameter and of less quantity and quality. Now, we have 3mm (the perfect diameter) N80 coils that I can put in most of my atomizers without much hassle or wishing I could make the ones we see on Instagram, commonly known as coil porn. In my mind, if these were made from stainless steel, they would be perfect. I can’t wait to give them a try and hopefully, I am not allergic to Nickel.
30 coils should last me a long, long time. As I have read, nichrome has a TCR value of 0.000112 or Joyetech format 0011. Ni80 is not intended for use with temp control.

Here are the three variations that I ordered from my friends at :

Framed Staple Clapton
28+38 x 9 + 28+36 @ .33 Ohms

Tri Core Fused Clapton
26×3 + 38 @ .17 Ohms

Quad Core Fused Clapton
28×4 + 36 @ .26 Ohms

Simply amazing.


Flavor Chasers Hoorah The Psyclone Citadel RDA Released October 4th

The much anticipated USA made stainless steel Psyclone Citadel RDA was released earlier this month on Facebook, stock lock and barrel, but no additional top caps were available until now. Mac and his team finally released the ultem and black delrin top caps last night so I went ahead and picked one up with Ultem cap as well. The reviews I have been reading, mostly from fan boys, are positive and they are even comparing the Citadel to the iconic NarDa RDA in terms of flavor. I own the Hadaly, not the Entheon, and am quite pleased with the flavor of it. Because the new reduced ultem chamber reducer in the Citadel, the flavor should be even better. It’s all about the chamber and the airflow, besides the build and juice and the amount of heat applied to it that makes an atty flavorful. We shall see in the coming weeks.

Psyclone Citadel RDA
Psyclone Citadel RDA

Citadel Ultem Cap
Citadel Ultem Cap

Citadel Black Delrin Cap
Citadel Black Delrin Cap